STONEFIRE GRILL… “Stonefired Flavor & Family Dedication!”

Sisters Mary & Maureen Harrigan brought Stonefire Grill to life in 2000 when years of family dinners in their large family evolved into something they desired to share with the rest of the world. The concept of great times, lively conversation, and consistently delicious fare evolved into the Stonefire Grill locations that exist today. With locations in Valencia, West Hills, Chatsworth, Fountain Valley, Thousand Oaks, Pasadena, and Irvine, this California-based restaurant group has proven over the last 13 years just how perfect they are for the community. With a popular catering business that has evolved since the restaurant’s inception, several fast-casual (order upon arrival, then your meal is delivered to your table) Stonefire Grill locations throughout California, and an award-worthy staff, there are many reasons to visit one of these outstanding eateries.


My husband and I were invited to review the Thousand Oaks location. We arrived just at nightfall, and were already pleased from our walk from our vehicle to the main entry. Crossing the parking area, several flowering trees stood magnificently in their strategically-placed spots, while two large fire pits at the eatery’s entrance enhanced the evening’s darkness creating a luminous glow against the building. But there was something else that really caught our attention as we approached…the mouthwatering, incredible wafting aroma of steaks and chicken and fish being grilled inside the establishment’s open kitchen. The aroma alone was enough to put a smile on our faces, and a spring in our step.

General Manager, Jacob Shearer, couldn’t have been more helpful, delightful to speak with, or more excited to work for the company. When discussing his position, his expression literally lit up with a glow that was continuous throughout our meal. It was infectious, almost…because every employee we spoke with, the same thing happened. They just lit up. Their smiles and sincere words about working at Stonefire Grill was quite refreshing to witness. We literally left the restaurant feeling better than we did when we arrived. That in itself was pretty incredible.


Freshly Baked Breadsticks

A sensationally flavorful beginning to any meal at Stonefire Grill is their freshly baked bread sticks ($2.79 for an order of six.) Tender, flavored with garlic and a pinch of salt, and some of the best bread sticks we’ve had in a while, these are an essential item to order with any meal you enjoy.

For you salad lovers out there (myself included!), Stonefire Grill offers EIGHTEEN original salad creations. We relished in the flavors of three of them: Stonefire Grill’s BBQ Chopped Chicken Salad, the South Of The Border Salad, and the Keen Green Salad…


Stonefire Grill’s BBQ Chopped Salad, Keen Green Salad & South Of The Border Salad

We enjoyed samplings of the BBQ Chopped Salad with grilled chicken breast (top upper left), which encompassed flavors of jack cheese, fresh chopped tomatoes, sweet roasted corn kernels, carrots, red cabbage, black beans, and mixed greens tossed with crunchy tortilla strips and buttermilk ranch dressing. A choice of quinoa, chicken breast or tri tip is available for this salad. The Keen Green version (top lower left) provided healthy quinoa, tossed with beautiful dark-leafed spinach, savory artichoke hearts, hand sliced creamy avocado, sun-dried tomatoes and pesto with a topping of Parmesan cheese. This had to be my favorite of the three we tasted, although I have to admit it was very difficult to make a decision between the three versions! The third salad we tried was Stonefire Grill’s South Of The Border salad. With a choice again of quinoa, grilled chicken breast, or tri tip, we enjoyed tri tip tossed with fresh avocado, cucumber, red cabbage, artichoke hearts, tomato, Gouda cheese and a savory Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette dressing throughout. You can imagine how flavorful these were. Pricing for these salads varies according to the size ordered with the South Of The Border and Stonefire’s BBQ Chopped salad ranging from $6.99 to $18.99, and the Keen Green salad at a static $8.99, there’s something for everyone between the flavors and the price range. (We also shared a bottle of wine that we brought to enjoy with dinner. When we found out Stonefire Grill’s corkage fee was just $2.00 per 750 mL bottle, we couldn’t resist!)


10″ Margherita Pizza, Pesto Pasta & Garlic Mashed Potatoes

The flavor experiences just kept coming, as we were introduced to Stonefire Grill’s Margherita Pizza. This thin crusted beauty found it’s inspiration in Napoli, Italy where the Harrigan sisters visited to explore the true methods of pizza making. The result is what you’ll experience at any Stonefire Grill today. Pure ingredients, an excellent perfectly baked crust, flavorful harmony between the hand-crushed tomatoes and soothing mozzarella cheese…I’d actually like another one right this second! And for $6.99, the Margherita Pizza is ideal for a starter, or a snack after a bit of shopping in the area. The Pesto Pasta provides all the color and flavor one could imagine in a pesto dish. The vibrant green hue of the pesto mixed with perfectly al dente pasta is a vision to behold at just $5.99 for a serving to accommodate one person. Stonefire Grill’s Garlic Mashed Potatoes are also a fluffy and fulfilling side item (just $2.99 for a 1-2 person serving) that everyone must try as well. We also experienced the Macaroni & Cheese dish (not pictured), which was creamy, sinfully delicious, and made us long for more at a simple $5.49 for a small serving.


Stonefire Grill’s Fresh Salmon

If you enjoy expertly prepared salmon, then Stonefire Grill is the place you need to experience it. We were presented with a taste of the Sesame Glazed and Lemon Garlic versions (each $11.99 for an 8-ounce portion) from the kitchen. Tender, flaky, savory, literally melt-in-your-mouth delicious, this was such a gratifying experience. Cooked in Stonefire Grill’s high-heat broilers, you will find out just how incredible the salmon is at this fast-casual eatery. Everyone knows I’m a salmon lover. And this salmon lover was well taken care of by the flavorsome experience this allowed me. Just looking at the above photos shows the flakiness and tenderness of these salmon presentations. So incredible.


Mesquite BBQ Tri Tip & Cracked Pepper Garlic Tri Tip Topped With Gorgonzola Butter

We were impressed with the Tri Tip offerings we received. The first, a Mesquite BBQ Tri Tip beautifully sliced and topped with fresh chopped parsley, the tenderness and flavor of the beef was meticulously prepared. Meats and chicken selections at Stonefire Grill are slow-cooked overnight in a uniquely-designed oven to ensure the enhancement of tenderness and lock in all the delicious juices they possess. From there, they are removed from the oven straight onto a mesquite fire grill where all the magic occurs.


Mesquite BBQ & Lemon Garlic Chicken

Pictured above is the popular Mesquite BBQ and Lemon Garlic Chicken. So tender, served with a beautiful presentation, and offered with the Tri Tip in a combo version on the menu as well, these are just one of the numerous amazing things Stonefire Grill is known for.

We simply had no room remaining for another bite after the feast we enjoyed at Stonefire Grill. However, General Manager Jacob Shearer insisted that we take a piece of their famous Carrot Cake home with us. (How did he know carrot cake is one of my favorites?) It was interesting to find out that only two employees know the secret recipe for this tempting dessert! Once we returned home from our wonderful evening out, we took a look at this sweet creation, grabbed two forks, and sat in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine. Needless to say, there wasn’t a morsel remaining!


Stonefire Grill’s Famous Carrot Cake

As if these delectable items aren’t enough to temp you to jump into your car right now and head over to Stonefire Grill, there’s more! Now Stonefire Grill offers lunch items under $8.00! Monday through Friday from 11 AM to 2 PM at the Pasadena, Irvine and Fountain Valley locations, the restaurant presents it’s lunch specials such as their 2-Topping 7-inch Pizza & Side Salad, the BBQ Beef or French Dip Sandwich & a side, and many other options (see website below for all Lunch Specials)…all for under $8. You simply cannot beat that deal for the value you get and the quality of the meals here!

  • ESTABLISHMENT / DECOR: Warm earth tones create a cozy feel inside the restaurant, while there exists a consistent flow among the staff and patrons.
  • FOOD / DRINK: We definitely DO recommend Stonefire Grill to anyone who is searching for an authentic, unique, delicious meal out. Whether for a single diner, a family of twelve, or somewhere in the middle, Stonefire Grill is that perfect answer to all of those needs. Foods are delivered daily to the restaurants to ensure freshness, the entire menu is available for Take-Out to make it more convenient for those on the go, and dressings and sauces are made fresh every morning, while sous chefs are kept on hand throughout the day to maintain freshness of all salads, sides, and meal presentations.
  • LOCATION: The restaurant we visited was located at 3635 East Thousand Oaks Boulevard in Thousand Oaks, CA 91362.
  • HOURS: Available for lunch and dinner, the Thousand Oaks Stonefire Grill location is available for dining from 11 AM to 9:30 PM Sunday through Thursday, and again on Fridays and Saturdays from 11 AM to 10 PM.
  • SERVICE / STAFF: We were impressed with the astounding service we received. From General Manager, Jacob Shearer, and his glowing explanation about working for the company, to our discussions with multiple staff members who always seemed to be genuinely smiling to be employed at Stonefire Grill, my husband and I left that night feeling even better than we did when we arrived. Fantastic staff rapport, an incredible morale among everyone, and a team effort feeling that’s very obvious.
  • PRICE / VALUE: The price for the value of the cuisine at Stonefire Grill was very reasonable. Portions are larger than most, as they are meant for sharing in most cases.
  • CORKAGE FEE: Stonefire Grill charges an easy $2 per 750mL bottle. We just couldn’t resist when we heard that, so we brought a bottle with us when we dined at the restaurant!
  • PARKING: The Thousand Oaks location supplies ample complimentary parking in the private lot located beside the restaurant.
  • TOTAL BILL: We were honored to have been the guests of Stonefire Grill this particular evening, which was hosted by Groff-Hinman

*SPECIAL THANKS: We would like to thank the Thousand Oaks Stonefire Grill General Manager, Jacob Shearer, and his outstanding staff for their generosity and hospitality, as well as Groff-Hinman, Inc., with a special thank you to Kristen Hinman for their kind invitation to experience such a lovely establishment!

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Stonefire Grill  Restaurant Reviews

* Menu and prices subject to change without notice.

IL CIELO RESTAURANT… “A Dream Worth Stepping Into!”

 It’s a bit like arriving at an upscale provincial estate in Tuscany when you enter Il Cielo restaurant. The feel of warmth and serenity embrace you as you enter the garden patio through the front door, a sincere and caring hostess ushers you to a table amongst one of the numerous areas inside the garden patio or private rooms, and a peaceful calm surrounds you at your table while your visual perception is filled with imagery of towering glass ceilings, flickering candles atop tall pedestals everywhere you look, intricate chandeliers overhead and romance in the air. There’s no denying why Il Cielo was rated ‘Los Angeles’ Most Romantic Restaurant’, and was named  one of the ‘Top Seven Places To Get Married’. Quite impressive. However, that won’t surprise you so much once you visit this alluring establishment to see for yourself just how much romance exists here.

Details are meticulously refined throughout the restaurant’s charming and captivating dining areas. You may forget you are in the city and believe you are dining in the middle of a cultivated Italian garden behind a private estate during your experience. Don’t be alarmed. Just absorb it all and remember that feeling doesn’t have to leave you as long as you are here. Since 1986, Il Cielo has been enticing its clientele with its intimate setting, divine Italian cuisine, and overall refinement.

On our last visit, our focus was on the lounge. Specifically, the popular Happy Hour that is scheduled every Monday through Friday from 4:30 PM – 8 PM. All specialty cocktails are two-for-one, as well as most bar appetizers. We discovered that these libations are creatively engineered by the Il Cielo lounge staff. There are no unsavory, watered-down, overpriced cocktails here. Just meticulously-crafted, hand-shaken, stunningly gratifying liquid libations that will turn you into a regular customer.

Below, we enjoyed several of Il Cielo’s specialty cocktails and sampled an item from the lounge appetizer menu as well…

Ivory Bliss Martini

This is a favorite of ours…the Ivory Bliss martini. This is a perfect opportunity to sip your way into a coconut fantasy unlike anything else you’ve ever tasted. The imaginativeness of the Il Cielo mixologists will not permit you to forget about this harmonious concoction. Made with a combination of Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur and Ciroc Coconut vodka, this tropical refreshment is then shaken with fresh coconut shavings and served extremely chilled with a Belgian chocolate grated crown.

Il Cielo Peartini

I love a fabulous pear-flavored martini. This conglomeration of Grey Goose La Poire, fresh mint and a splash of citrus was topped off with a slice of crisp cucumber. Refreshing and visually attractive, each sip of this fruity and potent martini was satisfactory, well-accepted, and a definite to order again on a future visit.

Spiedino Caprese Appetizer

The Spiedino Caprese appetizer showed off the vibrant hues of red and green it possesses. Succulent sliced of fresh cherry tomatoes atop decorative skewers of mouthwatering orbs of mozzarella and crisp greens drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. A perfectly portioned nibble between exploring Il Cielo’s array of cocktails.

Strawberry Bellinitini

I’m a huge fan of strawberries. Here is one specific example of that popular fruit that can easily put a smile on my face most any time. The Strawberry Bellinitini. Created with Vodka, fresh strawberry puree, lemon juice, then topped with Champagne, the flavor of strawberry dances across your taste buds in celebration.

Limoncello Drop Martini

The Limoncello Drop martini is Il Cielo’s rendition of the standard Lemon Drop libation. Made with Absolut Citron, Limoncello, and fresh squeezed lemon juice, this liquid sensation will force you from never having a traditional Lemon Drop martini ever again!

Il Cielo exudes charm, is undeniably romantic, and is profoundly enchanting in terms of its overall ambiance, decor, cuisine and service. We recommend it highly and we look forward to experiencing a dream of our own soon within this fantastic venue of  relaxing comfort and beautiful allure.

  • ESTABLISHMENT / DECOR: Lush garden-themed ambiance with romance in the air, flickering candles throughout the dining rooms, comfortable seating and an extremely intimate setting that will make you think twice before leaving at all.
  • FOOD / DRINK: We have yet to experience dinner at Il Cielo (It’s on our list!) However, the quality of the appetizer we shared an the four specialty signature cocktails we indulged in inside of the Il Cielo lounge were delightful and memorable.
  • LOCATION: Il Cielo is located at 9018 Burton Way in Beverly Hills, CA 90210.
  • HOURS: Il Cielo’s popular Happy Hour extends from 4:30 PM to 8 PM every Monday through Friday in the restaurant’s spacious and inviting lounge. Lunch is available Monday through Saturday from 11:30 AM – 3 PM, while dinner is served Sunday through Thursday from 5:30 PM – 10:30 PM, then again Fridays and Saturdays from 5:30 PM – 11 PM.
  • SERVICE / STAFF: Our bartender, Virgil, offered us excellent service, attentiveness, and made reliable suggestions.
  • PRICE / VALUE: We were extremely satisfied with the price of our beverages and appetizer that we shared while enjoying ourselves in the Il Cielo lounge. On our last visit, specialty cocktails were $7 each, and they were also two-for-one! 
  • CORKAGE FEE: $25 per 750mL bottle
  • PARKING: We had no trouble locating a metered parking space just outside the restaurant on our last visit to the establishment.
  • TOTAL BILL: Our final bill for four specialty cocktails and the Caprese appetizer came to just over $32 (including tax).

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Il Cielo  Restaurant Reviews

* Menu and prices subject to change without notice.


LEOCI’S TRATTORIA… “Fine Italian Cuisine In A Charming Southern Locale!”

Leoci’s Trattoria in charming Savannah, Georgia, encompasses a feel of family and a high standard of culinary accomplishment. If you’re in the mood for tremendous Italian cuisine in a cozy, spacious environment, this is the place to get it. First opened in 2009, this inviting eatery crafted by Chef Roberto Leoci started welcoming curious guests inside leaving them only to plan their next trip back. The curiosity was satisfied, and now more than three years after it’s grand opening, Leoci’s Trattoria still remains high on the totem pole of top restaurants in the city.

Serving lunch and dinner, Leoci’s Trattoria offers an array of delectable menu items designed and prepared with provincial ingredients. From wood-fired pizzas to sensational salads to homemade pastas to fabulous antipasti offerings to sweet temptations to round off the perfect meal, Chef Leoci has by far made an impressive mark on the community with his acquired talents and trademark skill in the Leoci’s Trattoria kitchen.

In the mood for a little Bocce? Why not try out the bocce ball courts at this establishment. Yes! Bocce ball at a fantastic Savannnah eatery! Additionally, free Wi-Fi is available, and the restaurant is also pet friendly, which we truly appreciate. Diners can also enjoy the al fresco ambiance on an outdoor deck large enough to seat sixty people that is heated during the cooler months. Large parties are welcome, and the restaurant welcomes special event gatherings by reservation. Catering availability also exists for all of your special occasions.

Recently awarded ‘Best Italian Restaurant’ and ‘Best Chef’ for 2012 by Connect Savannah, Leoci’s Trattoria has also pulled in other such acclamations such as being honored with the ”Best Chef’ winner again in 2011, as well as having numerous fine articles written about the establishment and the fine cuisine being served up to local and visiting patrons. You can view those on on the restaurant’s web site by clicking on the ‘In The Press’ menu option.

Leoci’s Trattoria also offers an extensive wine list, hence their non-allowance of outside bottles into the restaurant. From perfectly chilled whites to richly endowed reds to special ports and even brews and Sangrias, there is something you will enjoy no matter what your taste may be.

Chef Leoci admits to his desire to create a “world cuisine experience”. And that he most certainly executes in a meticulous and solid manner. Below are two lunch selections my husband and I chose from the appealing menu on our last trip to Leoci’s Trattoria…

House Made Bread Of The Day

To begin our dining experience, Chef Leoci sent out a basket of his house made bread of the day with a mouthwatering dish of rich extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar for our dipping pleasure. There’s something that happens to a delicious piece of freshly baked sourdough bread when it’s dredged through a fine conglomeration such as this. Taste buds suddenly cheer as if they have been awaiting that moment for a lifetime and happiness ensues because of it…

Tuscan Grilled Chicken Panini

My husband’s selection for lunch was the Tuscan Grilled Chicken Panini ($9). Grilled Chicken Breast, Romaine Lettuce and House Caesar Dressing atop grilled house made bread that definitely left an impression on my husband. I especially loved the simplistic decoration of this dish. Not too over the top, yet simple and elegant enough to impress. The tender grilled chicken inside mixed with the crunchy lettuce and savory dressing was delightful as well…

Pan Seared Roasted Squab on a Bed of Arugula Salad

I decided on the special of this particular day, which to my satisfaction was a pan seared roasted squab highlighted by an arugula salad ($13). Nearly a work of art visually, when I tasted the tenderness of the squab with its delicate seasoning, I knew I had ordered the perfect item. A couple of glasses of Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay affirmed that we had most definitely gone to the right place for our afternoon meal.

Dont forget to visit Leoci’s Trattoria’s web site for aditional information, menus and wine list offerings as well as Chef Leoci’s popular Vidalia Onion Relish, Raspberry Jalapeno Jam, Sweet Baby Beets and namesake coffee…all available to order from the comfort of your own computer!

  • ESTABLISHMENT / DECOR: Trendy Italian motif with a warm and welcoming feel both indoor and on the expansive spacious outdoor deck.
  • FOOD / DRINK: Perfection and intrigue come to mind here. We don’t think anyone could possibly go wrong dining at Leoci’s Trattoria.
  • LOCATION: Leoci’s Trattoria is located at 606 Abercorn Avenue Street in Savannah, GA 31401.
  • HOURS: Hours of operation extend daily Monday through Sunday from Noon to close.
  • SERVICE / STAFF: We experienced pleasant service by our waitress who engaged us in conversation and informed us about the establishment.
  • PRICE / VALUE: Suitable prices allow for a terrific value at Leoci’s Trattoria.
  • CORKAGE: No outside alcohol is allowed due to the restaurant’s extensive wine list.
  • PARKING: Private parking is available for customers behind the establishment.
  • TOTAL BILL: Our final bill for the Tuscan Grilled Chicken Panini, the Pan Seared Roasted Squab and two glassed of Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay brought our total to just under $50 for everything (including tax).

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Leoci's Trattoria  Restaurant Reviews

* Menu and prices subject to change without notice.

SWEET BUTTER KITCHEN, CAFE & MARKETPLACE… “How Sweet It Is To Lunch At Sweet Butter!”

A couple of times a month, I meet some of my girlfriends that live in the Sherman Oaks area for a long lunch to catch up on the goings on in our busy lives. Over the last several months, our latest spot for lunching has been Sweet Butter Kitchen on the corner of Ventura Boulevard and Matilija Avenue. Since we have been regular patrons, I cannot imaging there NOT being a Sweet Butter. In fact, I really don’t quite know how I got along without it’s existence before we started going there.

Leslie Danelian and husband Rick Berge have really outdone themselves since opening Sweet Butter in November of 2010. If you’re either from the area originally, or if you’ve lived here for a number of years, you’ll probably remember Leslie’s Sweet Somethings Catering Company in Sherman Oaks. If you don’t, or haven’t lived here long enough to remember it, don’t worry, because Leslie has taken her twenty years of culinary and planning experience and created Sweet Butter! (Thank you, Leslie!) Having become the hot spot to lunch with friends, enjoy Brunch and Breakfast, or a bottle of wine from home with a 6 PM early dinner, Sweet Butter is THE place to relax, enjoy and just indulge in what Leslie and her staff have to offer.

Designed by talented creative artist, Carrie Vose, the eatery offers seating outside along the front of it’s light-yellow-with-chocolate-brown-accents exterior on Ventura Boulevard and continues around the corner along the side of the building on Matilija Avenue. Complete with heaters for chilly evenings and built-in misters for warmer days, I don’t think the owners of Sweet Butter could have put more thought into the comfort of their customers. With sizable bistro tables surrounding the restaurant’s perimeter and a cozy courtyard for additional dining, Sweet Butter offers even more surprises when you walk into their market to place your order.

As you enter the main entrance through a beautifully crafted wrought iron gate with the letters “SB” conveniently positioned on them, you feel as thought you are entering a quaint indoor garden. There are fresh herbs growing from unique hanging baskets, encouraging statement signs everywhere you look, little notes written on small chalkboards with inspiring messages, an enormous chandelier hanging from the rafters over the interior courtyard made of fastened branches with tiny white lights, and all of the walls… exterior and interior…are a calming light yellow hue…the same color of sweet butter.

There’s so much fun inside the Sweet Butter market! The photos below show the menu inside the Sweet Butter market handwritten in chalk and posted on one wall, their hand-selected artisan items, themed pastas, books, candies, Sweet Butter logo tote bags, bottled soda, and other little tidbits will make you smile along the way, or make someone else’s day when you present them with a Sweet Butter gift carefully wrapped by the staff!

Above, the massive framed chalk-written menu board hangs on a wall inviting customers to ponder what they are in the mood for, while individual laminated menus are also available in the courtyard foyer as well as in a holder on the wall beside the chalk menu. Selections include such delectables like sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups, pastries, muffins, incredible savory breads, and so much more. Most items are served all day, then some only until 10:30 AM. Only the freshest ingredients are used when preparing meals for customers at Sweet Butter, so sometimes, some of the standard fare won’t be available every day. But most of the time, it is. Sweet Butter’s Breakfast menu offers such delicious selections as omleles, scrambles, breakfast burritos, and parfaits. Starting at 11 AM, the eatery serves lunch, which includes such fare as their crispy fried chicken, sliders, grilled chicken, and afternoon snacks for kids (and adults, too!) There are even boxed lunches available for twelve dollars! Take-out orders are convenient, and the team at Sweet Butter is available for catering jobs as well (that’s not a surprise with Leslie at the helm!) And there’s a Weekday Menu as well as a Weekend Menu. Oh no…no more Meatloaf Sandwiches??? Hopefully they’ll return again soon. Until then, you can satisfy your cravings with any of the below items I’ve personally experienced, or any of the other delicious items on the Sweet Butter menu…

Grilled Turkey and Fig Jam Sandwich

The Grilled Turkey and Fig Jam sandwich, above, was dressed with St. Agur Bleu Cheese and Mozzarella on Rustic Country Bread served with an Arugula Salad on the side.

Sweet Butter Kale Chopped Salad

The Sweet Butter Kale Chopped Salad comes with Sopresatta Salami or Roasted Chicken, Provolone, Garbanzos, Roasted Red Peppers, Celery, Red Onion and pepperoncini over Kale with their Italian vinaigrette. I chose to get half salami and half roasted chicken on this delectable and beautiful salad!

Half-A-Sandwich & a Cup of the ‘Soup of the Day’

Above, the Half-A-Sandwich with a Cup of the Soup of the Day was filling and healthy. My friend chose a half of the Sweet Butter BLT and a cup of the Kale & White Bean Soup…

Close-Up of the Kale Soup and the Sweet Butter BLT Sandwich

Above, a close-up of the ingredients in the Kale Soup (carrots, potatoes, fresh kale, white beans, onions and a savory broth unlike anything else), and the Sweet Butter BLT.

Turkey & Guacamole Sandwich With House-Made Lime Tortilla Chips

The above and below photos are of the Turkey & Guacamole Sandwich with Pepper Jack Cheese and Tomato on Ciabatta Bread, accompanied by Sweet Butter’s house-made Lime Tortilla Chips. How brilliant is that…GUACAMOLE ON A SANDWICH!

Close-Up of the Turkey & Guacamole Sandwich

Turkey & Grafton Cheddar Cheese Sandwich

Above and below, the Turkey & Grafton Cheddar Cheese Sandwich (Heirloom Tomatoes, Little Gems Lettuce and Dijon Aioli on Country White Bread with a Mixed Baby Greens Salad.

Close-Up of the Turkey & Grafton Cheddar Cheese Sandwich

I always get Sweet Butter’s iced tea when I visit. Refills are complimentary, and the tea is refreshing, cold and wonderful on a warm afternoon.

Sweet Butter Iced Tea

Don’t forget Sweet Butter also offers a solution to your sweet tooth as well. Have your pick from their amazing array of options like their scones, cookies, layer cakes, candies and other delectables! And if you love Afternoon Tea, Sweet Butter offers Afternoon Tea Time between 2 PM and 6 PM by reservation.

The attention to detail at Sweet Butter is obvious. Below, simple napkins and dining utensils are held by steel cut oatmeal cans (I always thought those were such beautiful tins myself), and instead of just giving patrons a “number” to put on their table for servers to locate them when their food is sent from the kitchen, Sweet Butter hands customers a spice, or an herb, or a vegetable. They’ve just thought of everything here down to the very last detail!

If you haven’t yet been to Sweet Butter and experienced the level of unmatched customer service, friendly neighborhood vibe and incredible edible offerings, it’s definitely time to do so. You’ll be happy that you did. And maybe you’ll leave with a little something special for yourself or for someone else from the Sweet Butter market!

  • ESTABLISHMENT / DECOR: Professionally designed by artistic consultant, Carrie Vose, Sweet Butter has the essence of the perfect neighborhood bakery, eatery and marketplace. Calming yellows, rich chocolate brown highlights and intricate wrought iron and other details enhance the already near-perfect establishment. Charming and fun, you won’t be disappointed with what you find here.
  • FOOD / DRINK: Simply exceptional! Our group hasn’t has a meal we haven’t liked since our first time at this establishment. We don’t know how they do it! Wonderful refreshing iced tea with complimentary refills in addition! Give the staff at Sweet Butter a call to learn about their daily specials!
  • LOCATION: Sweet Butter is located at 13824 Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks, CA 91423.
  • HOURS: Sweet Butter is open 8 AM to 7 PM seven days a week (summer hours), unless otherwise stated. Be sure to give them a call before you stop by in the event of early closings for special events or private parties.
  • SERVICE / STAFF: Friendly, genuinely happy, helpful and professional staff at Sweet Butter. Very impressive no matter what day of the week we visit…always consistent!
  • PRICE / VALUE: Incredible ambiance, terrific friendly neighborhood vibe and amazing gourmet cuisine at this quaint cozy establishment. Very happy to be a regular here!
  • CORKAGE: NO CORKAGE CHARGE at Sweet Butter any time of day! We were so delighted to find this out! Bring your wine from home or your wine locker and Sweet Butter will welcome your libations either inside their courtyard area or at any of their sidewalk tables!
  • TOTAL BILL: There’s nothing on the Sweet Butter menu over $13.95, and most of the entrees are well below that cost. The sandwiches and salads are large enough to share. I usually end up taking half of my sandwich or salad home with me. Great portions, loaded sandwiches and delicious iced tea with free refills!

Sweet Butter Kitchen on Urbanspoon Sweet Butter Kitchen  Restaurant Reviews

* Menu and prices subject to change without notice.