BURGER BAR @ MANDALAY BAY RESORT & CASINO… “Gourmet Burgers & Alcoholic Milkshakes!”

Chef Hubert Keller is widely known for his astounding talents in the kitchen. With his French-born skills learned from working with his family as a child, and then later taken under the wing of highly-acclaimed French chefs as he matured, Chef Keller has delivered a fun, hip concept of “the burger” to the Las Vegas ‘Strip’ for all to enjoy.

We still miss the ever popular Fleur de Lys which sat inside of Mandalay Place years ago. I especially loved dining there with my husband behind the privacy-curtained romantic booths with rich textures and an enchanting wall of aromatic live roses. I used to appreciate when our servers would pluck a pink rose from the enormous frame of fresh flowers and deliver it to me as we would depart after a wonderful meal. The original Fleur de Lys still exists in San Fransisco, however. And today, Chef Keller is proud of his new Fleur restaurant where the former Fleur de Lys sat in all its glory, which now features small plate fare and an open expanse featuring a modernized spacious bar and lounge. In addition to Fleur in Mandalay Place, Chef Keller has also produced Burger Bar, which offers a gourmet burger building experience in a trendy atmosphere sure to win the hearts of visiting patrons. It certainly gained our acceptance upon first bite.

Considered one of the country’s most talented chefs, Hubert Keller has created a gourmet burger design concept that’s both unique and delectable. The eatery is open and the staff seems genuinely friendly, as though they are welcoming you into their home. Dark woods command your attention, while back-lit enhancements are displayed overhead. An enchanting blue light is cast down over the bar area for contrast. Vintage license plates adorn the walls, and seating options include center tables, bar stools, and comfy booths against one wall with small television screens tucked inside wooden columns. A very eclectic, yet charming environment for taking advantage of such a delightful array of American comfort food.

The Wedge

We began our burger-building-adventure experience by selecting The Wedge salad to start. This colorful collection of fresh Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, and blue cheese crumbles was enhanced even more with blue cheese and bacon dressing, fresh sliced red onion rounds, and everyone’s favorite…crisp crumbled bacon. A wonderful presentation, vibrant colors, and fresh-tasting to the very last morsel.


There is a simple procedure to ordering burgers at this establishment:

  1. You choose your protein from a selection of ground lamb, ground buffalo, USDA Prime or Black Angus beef;
  2. Next, you choose your bun from a variety of breads like sesame, ciabatta, plain, whole wheat, potato or onion;
  3. Then you choose your toppings from a wide array of items such as grilled onions, various cheeses, seafood, sauces, and other delicious favorites.

If beef isn’t your thing,there are alternate options available as well. Like the Chef’s Veggie Burger, the Marinated Chicken Breast Burger, the Atlantic Salmon Steak Burger, and even a Turkey Burger. All these are ground straight from the source or shaved and hand-formed into a perfectly-shaped patty almost too beautiful to eat. But looking only isn’t allowed at this popular haunt, because once your custom burger is presented before you, you won’t think of anything else but getting your hands around it and devouring your perfect creation.

Atlantic Salmon Steak Burger

I was having difficulty deciding between the Atlantic Salmon Steak Burger and the Marinated Chicken Breast Burger (both $9.50 without additions.) They both sounded so incredibly tempting. Something convinced me to go for the salmon. This heavenly, perfectly-proportioned shaved salmon burger was pleasingly satisfying. The ciabatta bun was hearty and tasteful, and the Brie and grilled onions I chose really kicked the flavor barometer up high amplifying the sandwich with creaminess from the Brie and sweetness from the grilled onions.

Turkey Burger

Burger Bar’s juicy and tasty Turkey Burger is crafted from tender Shelton’s Free Range Farm turkey meat from a locally owned free range farm in southern California. Bursting with flavor, meticulously and lovingly shaped to fit your selected bun, and healthy as well, this burger brings the great taste out in a lighter burger choice. All burgers come with lettuce, tomato, and red onion in addition to the traditional accoutrements.

Irish Coffee Milkshake…With Alcohol!

Why no one thought of adding alcohol to milkshakes before is beside us. Behold, the Irish Coffee Milkshake…coffee ice cream, coffee liquor, Irish whiskey, caramel syrup, and chocolate coffee beans placed in a tall glass then crowned with freshly made fluffy whipped cream. As if we actually HAD room left after sharing a salad and polishing off our burgers! We really didn’t, but we just had to try this milkshake. It’s cool, smooth texture was a highly rewarding taste switch from our burgers, and pleasantly so. The caramel sauce was drizzled in circles in the glass before it was filled with the chilly goodness, which made for a terrific appearance. The combination with shots of coffee liquor and Irish whiskey truly were a flavor sensation one wouldn’t normally expect in a classic milkshake.

Another option is to build your own milkshake. You select the shots of alcohol, the flavor of ice cream, toppings, fruit, sauces, and so on to create something totally unique and sinful (after all, you ARE in Sin City!) Give it a personalized name, but remember what ingredients you order in the event you’ll want to have it again on a future visit to Burger Bar.

  • ESTABLISHMENT / DECOR: With a trendy sports bar feel, this burger restaurant is comforting, cozy, and inviting. The decibel level of the crowd can get a bit loud…especially at the bar is patrons are enjoying a game…however, we wound up enjoying our experience overall.
  • FOOD / DRINK: Quality ingredients, made-to-suit burger construction, sensational appetizing result once orders are cooked to perfection, flavorsome cocktails, and alcoholic milkshakes! What could possibly be better than that? No wonder there are Burger Bars in St. Louis and San Francisco also!
  • LOCATION: Burger Bar is located in The Shoppes At Mandalay Bay at 3950 Las Vegas Boulevard South in Las Vegas, NV 89119.
  • HOURS: Burger Bar keeps very convenient hours serving Sunday through Thursday from 11 AM to 11 PM, then on Fridays and Saturdays from 11 AM to 1 AM.
  • SERVICE / STAFF: Our server was cordial, polite, helpful, and explained the restaurant’s concept thoroughly.
  • PRICE / VALUE: Gourmet burgers from one of the highest regarded chefs in America for a bit more money than your usual sandwich? Why not? We feel that what we paid for what we received was right on the mark!
  • CORKAGE FEE: We were informed by the restaurant’s hostess that Burger Bar has NO CORKAGE CHARGE! We were surprised, yet pleasantly so.
  • PARKING: We had access from our hotel right into Mandalay Bay, which allowed us to remain indoors on our trek to Burger Bar. However, Mandalay Bay offers valet parking for your convenience as well.
  • TOTAL BILL: Our final bill for a glass of wine, a Wedge Salad, one Turkey Burger on ciabatta bread with grilled onions and cheddar cheese, one Atlantic Salmon Steak Burger with grilled onions and Brie, and one Irish Coffee Milkshake totaled over $50 (including tax), but sat very well with us after such a fulfilling, interesting, and delicious meal.

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* Menu and prices subject to change without notice.

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