MANGIAMO PRONTO UN CAFE ITALIANO… “Espresso & Wine Bar In An Energy-Filled City!”

On a popular corner in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico sits a ‘Tuscan’ coffeehouse and wine bar named Mangiamo Pronto. The name in Italian simply means, “Let’s Eat Now!’, and suits this captivating and energetic town just fine when it comes to the perfect locale for sitting back and indulging in the beauty of the area, passers-by, tourists trying to find their way around the city, and catching up with friends and love ones over a glass of wine or a specially crafted cup of coffee…not to mention some pretty delicious fare from what we hear.

Opened in 2008, this eatery offers breakfast fritatas, French toast, fresh baked pastries and an array of other early morning items pleasing many with a multitude of choices for those rising as early as the sun. In addition, lunch and dinner items include such options as pizza, paninis, salads, bruschetta, burgers, homemade soups, antipasti, and a multifarious selection of sugary treats to appease that sweet tooth including tasty gelato! Mangiamo Pronto possesses the perfect location. Positioned on the patio, one can observe the city’s liveliness occur all around you. The feel in general is welcoming, cozy, and can also be very romantic.

Quiet nooks for reading inside the cafe offer the local writer a place away from everything earlier in the day, while the walk-up-and-order counter tempts customers with a variation of appealing-looking goodies.

Above, we stopped midway through a self-walking tour of the area. We enjoyed the restaurant’s Italian wines and some of their hot herbal tea while sitting on the al fresco patio along the sidewalk.

We stayed at the Inn & Spa at Loretto, which is conveniently located just across the street. We had a direct view of the hotel from where we were seated at Mangiamo Pronto.

If you’re ever in the awe-inspiring city of Santa Fe, be sure to get a Walking Map from your hotel Concierge. If you’ve never been here before, you’re going to need it (as we found out!) It will show every nook, cranny, and walkway in the downtown area of Santa Fe including Canyon Road, which presents streets lined with art studios, sculptures made of bronze and other intriguing materials, paintings, and more.

  • ESTABLISHMENT / DECOR: This Tuscan-styled quaint coffeehouse and restaurant offers a relaxed ambiance both indoors and outside. An accommodating sidewalk patio covered by trees creates an alluring and cozy feel, while patrons sip Italian wines, espressos and teas, and enjoy the tasty offerings from the kitchen.
  • FOOD/ DRINK: We stopped for a while and enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine and hot herbal tea (not together of course!) On a return trip to the city, we will try some of the sensational bites we’ve heard so much about at this cafe.
  • LOCATION: Mangiamo Pronto is located at 228 Old Santa Fe Trail in Santa Fe, NM 87501 just two blocks from the downtown Santa Fe Plaza directly across the street from the Inn & Spa at Loretto.
  • HOURS: This Italian eatery is available Sundays through Tuesdays from 8 AM to 5 PM, and also on Wednesdays through Saturdays from 8 AM to 8 PM. Breakfast is served from 8 AM – 11 AM, lunch is accessible from 11 AM to 5 PM, while dinner is served Wednesday through Saturday from 5 PM until closing (around 8 PM). Full table service is available for dinner only.
  • SERVICE / STAFF: We witnessed kind efficient service when we visited. Everyone seemed extremely gracious and happy to have us there.
  • PRICE / VALUE: A couple of glasses of wine and hot tea were reasonable in our opinion for what was charged.
  • CORKAGE FEE: No outside alcohol is permitted.
  • PARKING: My husband and I walked to Mangiamo Pronto, so there was no issue with finding a parking space. However, there are also metered parking spots along the side streets if you arrive by vehicle.
  • TOTAL BILL: Our bill for two glasses of wine and a hot tea totaled just under $20 (including tax).

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* Menu and prices subject to change without notice.

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