BLU JAM CAFE… “Jam On With Succulent Cuisine In A Relaxed Atmosphere!”

It’s not often that a place known for it’s sensational breakfast dishes and lunch sandwiches and salads can pull off delicious dinner entrees in addition to their morning and noon fare, but Blu Jam Cafe on Melrose Avenue has definitely nailed it! This cafe boasts scrumptious cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere that welcomes its customers in with open arms. We had to return to this location again recently to try other items on their extensive and multifarious menu…and were we impressed! (Unfortunately, Blu Jam Cafe is no longer serving dinner. However, breakfast and lunch are now available all day, seven days a week, from 8 AM – 5 PM!)

With attractive and comfortable seating indoors and outside in a quaint railing-enclosed patio perfect for people-watching, Blu Jam Cafe offers an array of items on their all-day menu. Now open from 8AM to 5PM, you can not only order your favorite breakfast items, but also anything on the lunch or dinner menus as well. Sauteed Salmon with String Beans and Mashed potatoes at 8 AM, anyone? What an ingenious idea!

The interior colors are warm, vibrant and there is a sense of energetic whimsy about this place. You will feel welcome the moment you walk inside this establishment. In fact, you may never want to leave. The dark glazed mahogany tables coordinate nicely with the brick wall behind the bar, the raw finish of the exposed pipes and rafters overhead lend itself to a bit of a rustic feel and the amazing customer service and delightfully sensational menu options tie everything together to top off a neighborhood eatery with so much to offer…

California Omelet

My husband and I first visited Blu Jam Cafe for lunch a few weeks ago. Our selections included the above California Omelet, which is comprised of a three egg omelet with crispy smoked bacon, fresh tomato, avocado, sour cream and cheddar cheese served with potatoes and toast. All I witnessed was a very happy man across from me at the table as I watched this dish get devoured down to the very last bite.

Below, I appreciated the Warm Mushroom Salad with sauteed fresh mushrooms, organic mixed greens, chopped tomatoes, goat cheese, chives and a delicious balsamic vinaigrette dressing. I not only delighted in the union of savory flavors while feasting upon this item, but I was also enchanted by the visual presentation as well…

Warm Mushroom Salad

On our most recent trek to Blu Jam Cafe, we elected to sit indoors. The mood of the evening was a bit more calm and the busy breakfast crowd had long since simmered down. We began this dining experience by trying one of the Red Wine Sangrias made with fresh juices, cinnamon and sparkling wine…

Red Sangria

…both a little tart from the wine and a little sweetened by the fruit juices and fresh orange wedge affixed to the side of the glass, this was a very refreshing take on a classic summer drink…

Burrata & Strawberries

This choice from the Soups & Starters section of the menu (pictured above and below) is Blu Jam Cafe’s Burrata and Strawberries appetizer… succulent fresh strawberries topped with creamy Burrata (means “buttered” in Italian. Burrata is a fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream…the outer shell is solid mozzarella, while the inside consists of mozzarella and cream) then topped again by wild arugula and a balsamic syrup on top of crunchy crostinis. The below picture is a close-up of this delectable dish…

Burrata & Strawberries Close-Up

For my entree, I went simple with a panini. Served on pressed focaccia bread with a side of organic mixed greens, the Turkey Pesto Panini was bursting with astonishing flavors from the combination of the oven-roasted turkey breast, refreshing tomatoes, house-made pesto and provolone cheese…

Turkey Pesto Panini

The following photo is a close-up view of the sandwich…

Close-Up Photo of the Turkey Pesto Panini

My husband ordered the Sauteed Salmon. And yes, it did taste as incredible as it looks in this snapshot below! This grilled salmon dish was served with green beans, mashed potatoes and a lemon-caper sauce that was to die for…literally!

Sauteed Salmon

Stepping out of our normal routine a bit, we decided to order dessert. Yes, we know it’s a strange occurance for us, but for one reason or another we were both craving a little bite of something sweet. Problem was, we wound up eating the entire thing! We chose a piece of the Tres Leches Cake topped with a fluffy whipped topping and fresh seasonal berries. In a word, it was heaven…and very beautiful to behold.

Tres Leches Cake

We love this place! And here’s something else to love…Blu Jam Cafe serves organic produce, free-range meats and some of the freshest seafood you can get your hands on. Additionally, kudos to this terrific eatery for their support of the local economy by its purchase of meats from farms local to the area like Jacob Farms, Rodoni Farm, Riverdog Farm, Terra Firma Farm and Niman Ranch. What’s not to love about that? In fact, what’s not to love about Blu Jam Cafe…..quite simply, not a thing!

  • ESTABLISHMENT / DECOR: Outdoors, a quaint patio with a terrific view of passers-by. Inside, a trendy ambiance with rustic touches that is warm and inviting.
  • FOOD / DRINK: S-A-V-O-R-Y!!! Everything is savory here from the chilled beverages to the creative starters to the crisp salads to the succulent entrees and indulgent sandwiches and paninis!
  • LOCATION: Blu Jam Cafe is located at 7371 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, CA 90046.
  • HOURS: Now open daily from 8 AM until 5PM.
  • SERVICE / STAFF: Both Alex and Jesse waited on us during our most recent visit to Blu Jam Cafe. Their professional demeanor and friendly positive attitudes are just one more reason you’ll enjoy dining here!
  • PRICE / VALUE: Great value, terrific prices and two very satisfied customers and fans here!
  • CORKAGE: $14 per bottle, however the establishment does serve beer, wine, and Jesse at the bar can make a pretty mean Sangria!
  • PARKING: Metered street parking is available along Melrose Avenue and the surrounding side streets.
  • TOTAL BILL: On our first visit, we ordered the Californian Omelette and the Warm Mushroom Salad, which came to a total of $31.37. On our more recent visit, we selected one of Blu Jam Cafe’s Red Sangrias, the Turkey Pesto Panini, the Sauteed Salmon Entree and a square of the unbelievable Tres Leches Cake. After following Blu Jam Cafe on Twitter, they e-mailed us a 30% off coupon for our next trip there. We used that promotional discount on our last visit, which saved us $12.87, bringing our total to exactly $33.78. Just amazing!

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* Menu and prices subject to change without notice.

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