SPAGHETTI HOUSE BY ORRIS… “Little Plates With Enormous Flavor!”


When my husband and I rave to others about the petite revamped Spaghetti House by Orris, they commonly inquire what the name means. After doing a bit of research, we found that the word “orris” is the root of the iris plant, which in age-old times it was combined with cinnamon and other spices to create love potions. Ironically, the name suits this establishment because when you dine at this eatery, you will feel, smell and taste love all around you. Don’t let the name on the building’s facade fool you, however. Just because it still says ‘Orris’, and because the menu says ‘Orris’ when it’s presented to you, and your check says ‘Orris Restaurant’ at the top, you ARE in deed at Spaghetti House by Orris!

Chef Hideo Yamashiro, known as Chef “Shiro” to most, closed down his original “Orris” restaurant at the quaint neighborhood location earlier this year in January. However, upon re-opening the same locale shortly thereafter, and renaming it Spaghetti House by Orris, it was transformed into a Japanese-essenced fusion pasta eatery. Chef Shiro also operates and owns Shiro restaurant in Pasadena, which we will HAVE to try on our next trek there. If the food at Spaghetti House by Orris is even the slightest indication of the experience of flavorsome cuisine we’ll find at Shiro, I know we’ll be happy to try it there as well.

Open for dinner only, and closed on Mondays, the open kitchen you will witness as you enter Spaghetti House by Orris is fun, bright and incredibly busy. At your first step through the front door, the savory aromas wafting throughout the restaurant will pull you inside and prove to your culinary intelligence that you have arrived at the right establishment for a meal not to soon be forgotten.

Above, Japanese glass bowls ornament the wall directly across from the open kitchen area, a glass of Cabernet before dinner, the chalk-written menu specials of the evening, a view of the kitchen staff in motion, the front of the menu, the posted sidewalk menu outside of the restaurant as you enter the establishment’s front patio, a view of one of the kitchen staff preparing a diner’s selection and a photo of the front patio dining space.

The menu is limited, but the selection will amaze your palate and visual senses. The dishes are pleasurable. Plain and simple. Chef Shiro is known for being “meticulously picky” about his fresh ingredients. The photos below are witness to that, and what we experienced at Spaghetti House by Orris recently…

Salmon Croquettes

Above and below, we started with Chef Shiro’s Salmon Croquettes. Quite a colorful and brilliant presentation. When cut into below, it just kept getting better. Delicious creamy salmon inside, a flavorful light crunch on the exterior texture and all around deliciousness! Other than my thinking about just a tiny spritz of lemon juice on these beautiful bites, they were sensational!

We then tried the Grilled Japanese Eggplant with Burrata and Parmesan below…tender slow-cooked eggplant, Burrata and Parmesan cheeses on top and flavor that just would not stop…

Japanese Grilled Eggplant With Burrata & Parmesan

Below, the Albacore Cups really impressed me personally. Hitting a hight point with me, the arugula surrounding the endive filled with seared Albacore tuna was such a delightful treat…beneath all that arugula lies perfectly seared Albacore tuna resting in the fresh leaves of endive…

Albacore Cups

After tasting three different savory appetizers, we moved on to the entrees. Below, the Shrimp Mouse Ravioli in A Shiitake Mushroom Sauce…delicate ravioli casings filled with savory shrimp mousse heightened even more by the Shiitake mushroom sauce it was accompanied by. Perfection in a bowl…

Shrimp Mouse Ravioli In A Shiitake Mushroom Sauce

Next, we tasted the Seafood Marinara dish below. A popular choice among locals at the restaurant and recommended by the waitstaff at the eatery…tender, perfectly-cooked sizeable scallops, shrimp and calamari intertwined with delicious and flavorful unforgettable marinara sauce and spaghetti with fresh tomatoes and basil…

Seafood Marinara

Our next selection was the pasta with a braised meat sauce, which was phenomenal. My husband could not stop exclaiming his love of this dish as the evening progressed…

Spaghetti & Meat Sauce

Below, the Mushrooms and Takana Mustard Greens with White Wine and Garlic was astounding. I chose this specifically, and my husband ate most of it before I could get back to it. A hidden sweetness, seemingly from caramelized onions in the dish, presented a refreshing flavor. A hearty and well-balanced finish…

Mushrooms & Takana Mustard Greens With White Wine & Garlic

We succumed to our sweet tooth after dinner by sharing a scoop of the Fogleman’s Chocolate Ice Cream. (Can I use the term “heaven in a bowl” twice in this article?) I especially liked the presentation…simple and effortless, the ice cream was served in a frosted dish that both served to keep the dessert cool as well as provide a visually-stimulating display…

Folgleman’s Chocolate Ice Cream

The bottom line…we enjoyed our culinary endeavor when we dined at Spaghetti House by Orris. Would we go back? Yes, we would. The cuisine is delicious and meticulously presented, flavor abounds in everything and one can tell that careful planning and artistic flair went into each dish designed and created by Chef Shiro himself. We enjoyed our dinner and were happy to write this review about such a terrific little restaurant!

  • ESTABLISHMENT / DECOR: This eatery can get pretty packed, and reservations are not taken, so be prepared to wait a bit if you’re planning on dining here. There are tables on the covered front patio, but the waiters weren’t serving outside when we visited. The noise level inside was very loud, due to the acoustics of the small interior dining room. However, the colorful glass Japanese bowls hung on one wall, interior general feel of the place, business of the action in the open kitchen, aromas of the delicious dishes being prepared and finally, the flavor of the food ordered will force you to overlook the loudness of your neighbors dining around you.
  • FOOD / DRINK: Scrumptious cuisine, meticulous presentation, and well worth waiting if needed to get into this great little pasta house!
  • LOCATION: The restaurant is located at 2006 Sawtelle Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA 90025. It’s on the east side of Sawtelle Boulevard between Santa Monica and Olympic
  • HOURS: Spaghetti House by Orris is open only for dinner. Tuesday through Friday from 6 PM – 9:30 PM, Saturdays from 5:30 PM – 10:30 PM, Sundays from 5:30 PM – 9 PM, and the restaurant is closed on Mondays.
  • SERVICE / STAFF: Helpful, ready to answer questions and give suggestions is needed.
  • PRICE / VALUE: We feel the price is well worth the value of what you will get at this eatery.
  • CORKAGE FEE: $12 per bottle.
  • PARKING: Metered street parking is available. There is also parking behind the restaurant.
  • TOTAL BILL: Our total bill for everything came to over $65, but we would definitely recommending the splurge. A party of two could easily go to dinner for under $50 (including tax) by ordering two entrees for $11 or $12 a piece, sharing an appetizer and also a dessert.

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* Menu and prices subject to change without notice.

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