ROSTI TUSCAN KITCHEN… “Montana Avenue’s Casual Italian Eatery!”

 When a craving for authentic Tuscan cuisine takes over, a great place to tame it is one of three west coast-based Rosti Tuscan Kitchens in Southern California. Pronounced “roast-y” the Santa Monica locale reminded us that we didn’t absolutely have to be in Italy to enjoy the aroma of freshly baking bread, signature pasta and secret family recipe sauces, and all things savory involved with impressive Italian favorites sure to keep any food connoisseur pleased.


Freshly Baked Bread & Free Indoor Corkage

It was a crowded Thursday night. My husband and I contemplated departing with the heavily populated eatery, but decided to wait a few more minutes despite. Before we knew it, the hostess led us to a candlelit romantic table for two window side, and left us with menus and wine glasses for the wine we brought with us until our server would arrive. The ambiance was warm and inviting and heavenly scented with the likes of fresh basil, crushed tomatoes, and pizza dough boldly wafting through the dining room from a busy kitchen in the rear of the establishment.  A crusty warm fresh bread was delivered by our server, Lea, as well as a saucer of extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar. This complimented the near perfect bread and made for a great companion to our red wine we began enjoying.


Chicken Marsala Over Capellini

A sure winner from the pasta selections was the Chicken Marsala over a selection of capellini as a pasta choice. A succulent Marsala sauce including Marsala wine, thinly sliced mushrooms and a sinful inclusion of butter, this signature entree is a popular choice at Rosti, and my husband thoroughly enjoyed each component of this meticulously prepared dish.


Grilled Marinated Steak Salad

Tender marinated grilled lean steak was cut into slices and served over a bed of shredded Romaine, then graced with Gorgonzola cheese crumbles, cherry tomatoes, caramelized onions and an incredibly succulent basil herb dressing. How much better could this have been prepared? We don’t have an answer to that question because in our line of work, this was pure bliss. The chilled crunch of the crisp lettuce contrasted nicely against the warm tender steak, while the house made dressing brought every bite together in culinary harmony.


Spinach Ravioli Alfredo Special

The Spinach Ravioli Special with a chosen Alfredo sauce selection and side of house marinara for a minimal additional charge satisfied my hankering for something house made, yet broke all rules of the typical Californian diet. Both filling and satisfying from the first taste to the final bite, this dish of handmade ravioli excellence was stuffed with spinach and covered with a generous portion of homemade Alfredo sauce that hit the spot marvelously!


Milanese Sandwich On Foccacia

The combination of fresh flavors encompassed within the Milanese Sandwich had us debating whether or not to order an additional one to take home with us. Crafted with hand breaded chicken cutlets, the addition of fresh eye-catching arugula, fresh Mozzarella, tomatoes and a zesty pesto only enhanced the features of this flavorful phenomenon. A choice of 7-grain wheat bread, ciabatta, or fresh baked foccacia was available for our choosing, while a side salad or rosemary potatoes was offered as easily digestible side options.

Feel at home when visiting Rosti Tuscan Kitchen because it is an establishment of delectable Italian cuisine, a cozy ambiance both indoors and on the sidewalk patio, and offers a multitude of seasonal specials and year-round favorites to satisfy those Tuscan food cravings that sneak up on us when we least expect them to. A relaxed lunch or a long romantic dinner will leave you fulfilled and returning soon.

  • ESTABLISHMENT / DECOR: The Santa Monica location that we visited sits on a corner projecting it’s mouthwatering aromas past every passer-by. A terrific location along quaint Montana Avenue, a sidewalk patio wraps around the eatery allowing for enjoyment of those crisp fall days or cool California summer evenings. 
  • FOOD / DRINK: Both traditional and updated versions of favorite Italian dishes offer flavorsome alternatives to cuisine types elsewhere. Though no bar is available at this Rosti, personal wines are welcome inside the establishment.
  • LOCATION: This specific Rosti Tuscan Kitchen is located at 931 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, CA 90403.
  • HOURS: Available for lunch and dinner service, hours last from Monday through Thursday and Sundays from 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM, as well as on Fridays and Saturdays from 11:30 AM until 10:00 PM.
  • SERVICE / STAFF: Our server was Lea, and her professional demeanor was greatly appreciated. She was well-informed, conversational without being overbearing, and possessed a sense of humor that was spectacular.
  • PRICE / VALUE: Acceptable pricing for what was offered, prepared, and presented.
  • CORKAGE FEE: No corkage fee on personal bottles inside the main dining area. Outdoor alcoholic beverage consumption is not permitted.
  • CONTACT INFO: Phone: (310) 393-3236, Website:
  • PARKING: Street parking as well as a private lot are available for the convenience of visiting diners.
  • PRICING: The complimentary corkage was appreciated, while the Chopped Steak Salad Entree was priced at $14.75. The Chicken Marsala over Cappelini was fair at $16.99, while the Spinach Ravioli Alfredo special was prices at an easy $13.25 plus $1.99 for a side of marinara sauce. We also enjoyed the Milanese Sandwich on Foccacia for $11.75.

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* Menu and prices subject to change without notice.

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