CASIMIR’S LOUNGE @ THE MANSION ON FORSYTHE… “Terrace Lunches, Signature Cocktails & Views Of Forsyth Park!”

We often frequent Casimir’s Lounge at The Mansion On Forsyth Park in the southern town of Savannah, Georgia when traveling through the South. The lounge is a special location for us. We’ve had corporate meetings there, memorable celebrations, hosted intimate parties in the private dining room upstairs, and introduced out of town friends and associates during numerous informative and history-rich tours of the area. There’s a sort of calm that resonates throughout this establishment which produces a relaxed ambiance to visitors, a welcome back to returning old friends and regulars, and a place to go to just relax, listen to live music on the Bosendorfer baby grand, and enjoy a few impressive hand-shaken signature cocktails from the bar.

Casmir's Lounge2

The building that houses the second-floor seductive lounge is the well-known Mansion On Forsyth Park. We’ve stayed at this property numerous times in the past, and can definitively vouch for the first-class service, modernly eclectic decorative enhancements, and ample Southern charm it resonates. But we’ve never been able to stop returning to Casimir’s Lounge with its outdoor terrace, succulent lounge menu, and intriguing persona. Visits to Casimir’s Lounge may be accomplished by either a brief elevator lift to the second floor, or by climbing a rounded staircase laden with leopard print carpeting. Vibrant tones of color and eye-catching statement items create a fantasy for the eyes, while the seductive and inviting lounge awaits your arrival upstairs.

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Views Of Forsyth Park

Views of Forsyth Park across the street can be enjoyed from the outdoor terrace extending from Casimir’s Lounge. This historic public park spans 30 acres and was created in the 1840s. One of the highlights of this green expanse, sites for many weddings, and phenomenal photo opportunity sites in the park is the Forsyth Fountain, which was added in 1858. Stylistically mimicking the fountains in the Place de la Concorde in Paris, France and Cuzco, Peru. Every St. Patrick’s Day, the fountain waters are traditionally dyed green to celebrate Savannah’s Irish heritage it has been long known for priding itself upon. Drayton Street, the roadway that separates Casimir’s Lounge from the park itself, runs along the eastern side of the park. A park cafe, youth’s play area, home field of the Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club, and a Confederate Memorial statue signifying honor toward those who paid the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives fighting for the Confederacy are just a few of the attractive features the park has to offer.

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Cocktails & Champagne

The many tempting libations of Casimir’s Lounge are seemingly perfect elixirs to most anything that ails you. We have indulged in several favorites of ours at the bar, lounging on one of the several comfortable sofas inside, as well as on the open-air terrace overlooking Forsyth Park. The wonderous Banana’s Foster Martini (made with such ingredients as spiced rum, banana liqueur, fresh banana, and caramel liqueur), the hand-shaken Cosmopolitan, the Pomegranate Pink Lemonade Martini (crafted with citrus vodka, pomegranate liqueur, and fresh squeezed lemon), and glasses of chilled Champagne just to mention a few. You might also enjoy the Tropical Dream and Forsyth Lemonade!

Casmir's Lounge

Grilled Turkey BLT & Grilled Shrimp Salad

Among the many meals and snacks we’ve enjoyed at Casimir’s Lounge, these are two of our favorites. The Grilled Turkey BLT Sandwich and the Grilled Shrimp Salad. Numerous options offer other areas of interest such as the Crab Cake Sandwich and the Asiago Truffle Fries.

We have enjoyed numerous fine late afternoons sitting on the terrace with views of the vibrant green Forsyth Park that seemingly stretches on forever. We can’t wait to return again to try more of the newer items on the lounge menu. We know they will be just as appealing, and just as alluring as the items we have tried already.

  • ESTABLISHMENT / DECOR: Definitely eclectic-modern with vibrant splashes of color around every corner. Spacious and relaxing, Casimir’s Lounge will invite and comfort as the evening goes on, while tunes from the baby grand soothe your soul.
  • FOOD / DRINK: Fresh and flavorful cuisine prepared to delight and satisfy your senses with a pleasant variety to choose from. Crafty libations from the bar will calm your nerves after a long day, and have you remembering just why it is that you love this place so much. Gluten-free preparations can be arranged through the kitchen when booking your reservation.
  • LOCATION: Casimir’s Lounge is located on the second floor at 700 Drayton Street in Savannah, GA 31401.
  • HOURS: The lounge is available for service Wednesay through Thursday from 5:00 PM until 11:00 PM, and again on Friday and Saturday from 5:00 PM until 12 Midnight.
  • SERVICE / STAFF: We have usually found our bartender and servers to be relatively efficient and sincere.
  • PRICE / VALUE: Seasonal changes to the beverage and food menu show off the quality ingredients found in any of the cuisine prepared here. The chilled libations are worth spending a bit more than normal in the city to feel indulgent and satisfied with what you’ve ordered.
  • CORKAGE FEE: $25 per 750mL bottle
  • PARKING: Parking spaces are available along the streets, as well as valet service at the front of the hotel.
  • PRICING: Depending on what is ordered, most signature cocktails will run you about $18, while a substantial wine list offers varietal prices on select vintages. The lounge’s food menu possesses an ample selection of items as well with appropriate pricing for the sizeable portions presented.

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* Menu and prices subject to change without notice.

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