My husband and I have always had a distinct admiration for all things of Oriental origin. Rugs, sculptures, murals, furniture, teapots, statues, fountains, garden stools, hand-made jewelry, music…we just can’t seem to get enough of the tranquil zen that one encounters with that sector of the world. On a recent visitation to the well-known Westfield Century City Mall in Los Angeles, we realized that we had found a new reverence to add to our growing list…RockSugar.

Upon entering beneath a massive ornate entryway, a darkened corridor entices you to find what unfolds ahead. As we made our way through the passageway, the melody of singing birds blended well with the intonations of flowing water and Oriental music. Two benches placed on either side of this breadth forced me to conjure up thoughts of possibly just sitting there with my husband for a few minutes before moving onward. It was so peaceful. Deciding to continue on as we admired the tranquil feel of this zone, we arrived at the out-of-doors patio area, where the visual and auditory enchantment continued.

Above, photos of the indoor bar, another view of the main entrance and the darkened mysterious corridor that leads patrons onto the outdoor patio.

The outdoor patio area is an extension of the indoor bar area, and quite a rewarding spectacle. Eight comfortable lounging sofas are strategically placed around four table-surrounded glass-encased fire pits atop a heated floor. Enormous vases of pottery filled with wooden stalks and wire mesh bubbles salute those who walk through their abode. Towering sculptured wall panels provide intrigue, while welcoming natural tones and live plants in tremendous planters provide beauty and privacy between the seating arrangements. Overhead, imitative sky lanterns seemingly float above you as you dine. We thought this was a lovely finishing touch, and definitely a conversation piece for those who feast beneath them or walk below their alluring position.

As evening quickly approaches, the sky lanterns become more incandescent as the sky continues to darken. If you plan the time of day accordingly, you can witness the magic of the sky lanterns against a color-changing heaven above. Sky lanterns, also called sky candles, have been used in Asian traditions for hundreds of years.

Used all year round in Thailand for special occasions and celebrating, it is also considered good luck to release a sky lantern into the air. In Thai culture, this act is symbolic of problems and worries floating away. These lanterns are also incorporated into Chinese festivals. In Taiwan, they can be seen being released into the night sky during their annual Lantern Festival by the thousands!

RockSugar presents their RockTail Hour every day from 4-6:30PM. During this time, you can be delighted and charmed by the unique array of cocktail and appetizer choices. For just $6 each, you can enjoy any of these RockTails: the Blood Orange Mojito, the Orchard Road Martini, the Sake Dragon, Yuzu Cherry Gimlet, the Tamarind Margarita, and the Bourbon Sling. Well RockTails are just $5 each, as well as select wines by the glass. Beer enthusiasts can also endulge in select brews for only $4.

Colorful Cocktails In the Perfect Environment

Our all-time favorite of the RockTails are the Blood Orange Mojito, the Orchard Road Martini and the Sake Dragon. The Blood Orange Mojito is my husband’s usual potion at Rock Sugar. The flavor is unlike anything else we’ve quite put our finger on before, and made with Bacardi Superior Rum, blood orange and mint. My personal favorite is the Orchard Road Martini. This concoction is created using Vodka, Gin, St. Germain Liqeur, Lemongrass and Hibiscus. Packing enough punch after having only one, I usually endure a second (and sometimes a third) of these sumptuous pink cocktails. The Sake Dragon is our third recommendation on the RockTail front. Vodka, sake, St. Germain Liqeur, Mint, Shiso and lime top this green-colored jewel off leaving you craving another when you’re done! You’ll notice RockSugar’s RockTails are not only not lacking flavor (or liquor), but also that they are extremely enticing to the eye. The Sake Dragon is a beautiful shade of light green, while the Blood Orange Mojito appears in a luminous orange shade. My favorite, the Orchard Road Martini, arrives perfectly pink with a dark layer of Hibiscus Liqeur that tops the beverage off with an intriguing appearance.

Rice Crackers and Cocktails

During RockTail Hour, smiling servers stop by your sofa to take your order, and rice crackers (above) are delivered with a spicy zesty dipping sauce. These crackers are light, airy, and peppered with poppy seeds throughout and are visually appealing as well.

The RockBites Menu will take you to a place far away with their Crispy Chicken Samosas, Potstickers, Indian Stuffed Flatbread, Vegetarian Stuffed Flatbread and Crispy Vegetable Spring Rolls for $3 each. Fifty cents more will allow for RockSugar’s tempting Chicken Satay. For $4 a piece, try their Chicken Tikka, the Crispy Imperial Rolls or the Green Mango and Papaya Salad. The Chicken and Mushroom Lettuce Wraps come in at an easy $4.50, while for $5.50 each, the Thai Crispy Chicken Wings and Crispy Sweet-Hot Shrimp only add to the entire archive of delectables.

Some of our favorites there include the Chicken Samosas, the Potstickers, the Indian Stuffed Flatbread, the Vegetable Spring Rolls, the Mushroom Lettuce Wraps and the Thai Basil Cashew Chicken…

Chicken Samosas

Vegetable Spring Rolls & Potstickers

Indian Flat Bread

Thai Basil Cashew Chicken

RockSugar has landed on the Savor Hour list for numerous reasons. Style, decor, Asian essence, enchantment, great food and cocktails and excellent prices anyone could appreciate. Put a little Asian cuisine and RockTails into your evening hours at RockSugar in Century City. You will arrive with satisfied expectations and leave with the same!

  • ESTABLISHMENT / DECOR: Stunning Asian-style decor, flowing fountains, up-kept grounds and colorful eye-catching details everywhere you look.
  • FOOD / DRINK: Savory appetizers and flavorful cocktails entertain the palate, while arousing essences tantalize the whole being of those that try any of the RockBites or RockTails!
  • LOCATION: Westfield Mall-Century City, 10250 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90067.
  • HOURS: RockSugar serves Lunch Monday through Sunday from 11:30AM – 5PM, Dinner Sunday through Thursday from 5PM – 10PM, then also on Fridays and Saturdays from 5PM-11PM, and offers their incredible Happy Hour called “Rocktail Hour” daily from 4PM – 6:30PM.
  • SERVICE / STAFF: Service on the patio can be hit-or-miss. It disappoints us to write this, as the food, drinks, and atmosphere are incredible. We’ve never met a server there who wasn’t friendly or kind. However, the wait times can be very long. As many times as we’ve visited and received great prompt service, it really surprises us to find that sometimes, unfortunately, the service can be very inconsistent. Hopefully, your experience will be a “hit” and not a “miss”. If it isn’t be prepared to wait for a while if you’re seated on the patio.
  • PRICE / VALUE: Great value, great prices, great selection!
  • CORKAGE FEE: $15 per bottle any day, any time, no restrictions. In other words, Happy Hour applies! (Yay!)
  • PARKING: RockSugar will gladly validate your parking ticket. You are allowed up to three hours free in the parking garage if validated at RockSugar in the Westfield mall, so don’t forget! Try to find a parking space in the “Blue” section of the parking garage. It’s the closest to RockSugar. Two floors up, turn to your left when you come off the escalator on the top floor, and you will see RockSugar just past the outdoor escalator between The Counter and Gulfstream restaurants.
  • TOTAL BILL: $35.91 for two Orchard Road Martinis, two Blood Orange Mojitos, an order of the Chicken Samosas, a plate of the Potstickers and the Indian Stuffed Flatbread. Very fairly-priced considering the atmosphere, ambiance and quality of the food and beverages offered.

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* Menu and prices subject to change without notice.

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