MASTRO’S OCEAN CLUB RESTAURANT… “Seafood Sensations & More Tableside Handshaken Martinis!”

Mastro’s restaurants are establishments of elegant presentation, noted world-class service, where being catered to is a regular occurrence and where enjoying oneself is not only expected, but encouraged. Having been so impressed with our experience at the Mastro’s Steakhouse in Scottsdale on our last visit to Arizona with it’s geographically breathtaking topography (see our review of Mastro’s Steakhouse here:, we made the decision to try its sister property, Mastro’s Ocean Club, located in the same city to see what this culinary giant had to offer.

O Club

 The outdoor approach was simple and elegant, while inside guests were engulfed in a relaxed and comforting escape where the aromas of butter drenched seafood and sizzling steaks surround one’s longings for the finer things in life. A notable wine selection was presented for those favoring something from the vineyards. An expansive full bar and lounge insisted on beckoning those to its side for enjoyment of weekly live entertainment and an array of signature cocktails and tantalizing appetizers offered themselves from an extensive menu. While the general environment of the entire establishment embrace its guests with the glow of modernly-appointed chandeliers and up lighting throughout the eatery.

O Club1

 Fresh Bake Bread & Savory Martinis

The eye catching bread display featured a flavorsome soft pretzel bread, a garlic brushed buttery sliced baguette, and sourdough and wheat versions as well along with a vessel of chilled sweet cream butter. When in the mood for a few crafty libations from the bar, why not give a couple of popular signature martinis a whirl? We praised the Pomegranate Martini with it’s Ketel Citron Vodka, Monin Pomegranate, triple sec and sweet and sour inclusions, while the Elderflower Martini delivered a completely different journey for our palates with a combination Belvedere Citrus Vodka, Thatcher’s Elderflower liqueur, Hendrick’s Gin, and fresh lemon juice with a sugared rim. Both cocktails were hand shaken and served table side and were large enough for two drinks per shaker. An impressive and entertaining presentation with immense flavor from start to finish.

O Club2

 Shrimp Cocktail

The Shrimp Cocktail appetizer arrived bringing with it yet another offering of dazzling display. Served three to an order (we selected two of these), these colossal vibrantly hued gifts from the sea arrived via stainless steel polished serving vessels engulfed in the wispy smoke-like veil of dry ice beneath. Its stunning and mystical appearance was almost as amazing as this starter’s fresh perfectly chilled flavor. Cocktail sauce and the restaurant’s atomic horseradish were served on the side with lemon wedges. Be prepared for this, because even if you’re a horseradish lover as my husband is, there’s a reason it’s called “atomic”!

O Club3

Wedge Salad

The Wedge Salad offering was simple and traditional, yet couldn’t have been made better. Chilled Romaine lettuce and fresh chopped tomatoes joined together with crunchy crisp crumbled bacon, house made blue cheese dressing and an addition of extra freshly crumbled blue cheese for added flavor and texture that forced every bite of these refreshing starter salads to be savored from beginning to end as we contently crunched our way through them.

O Club4

Surf & Turf 

For our entrees, we selected the Swordfish Steak and the 12-Ounce Filet with a side of sautéed mushrooms. Both sensationally tender and delectable, the beef was prepared medium to our specifications with a side of Béarnaise for additional indulgence. The Swordfish Steak arrived expertly prepared with eye-catching grill marks across its perfectly-prepared length and was such a stunning display of edible happiness.

O Club5

Warm Butter Cake

When a dessert has its own Facebook page, you know it has to be pretty spectacular. This sublime, sinful, colorful existence found its way into our lives (and stomachs) despite the amazingly savory and filling dinner we enjoyed this particular evening. And we can attest that it nearly disappeared after that first tempting bite. To make it even more unbelievably incredible, it was served with an entire bowl of freshly whipped cream to consume with the cake. Talk about sweet endings!

A beautiful upscale venue to enjoy any special occasion or ordinary day. A place to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. A culinary locale that offers seamless service, a flavorful exquisite menu, and where memories can be made from the moment you walk through the front door.


  • ESTABLISHMENT / DECOR: The dim lighting creates an intimate ambiance overall while lively entertainment in an upscale lounge area fills the air with sounds of favorite melodies. The well-put-together modern décor inside the eatery charms and delights offering bold hues as well as warm comforting touches of color that embrace each guest.
  • FOOD / DRINK: Exceptional and noteworthy preparations of sizzling steaks, fresh seafood dishes, and let’s not forget the phenomenal appetizers, side dishes and desserts that take one’s breath away and fill the evening with amazing flavor and a memorable dining experience.
  • LOCATION: This restaurant is located at 15045 North Kierland Boulevard in Scottsdale, AZ 85254.
  • HOURS: The establishment is available for dinner Monday through Thursday and Sunday from 5:00 PM until 10:00 PM, and on Fridays  and Saturdays  from 5:00 PM through 11:00 PM.
  • SERVICE / STAFF: The care, grace, and skilled team of servers will impress and create the perfect seamless dining experience for anyone.
  • PRICE / VALUE: The quality of the cuisine is top notch, while the liquid temptations are the epitome of liquorous excellence.
  • PARKING: The parking arrangement allows for self parking as well as valet service for your convenience.
  • PRICING: The Pomegranate and Elderflower Martinis were priced at $18, while the Iceberg Wedge Salads were moderate at $11. The Shrimp Cocktail came in at a reasonable $19 for what was offered, and the Swordfish Steak was a standing $39. The 12-Ounce Filet Mignon was featured at $47, while the Sautéed Mushrooms that accompanied it were an additional $11. Finally, the Butter Cake dessert was a $15 sweet treat well worth every dollar.

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* Menu and prices subject to change without notice.

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