DELPHI GREEK CUISINE… “Iconic Gyros & Succulent Moussaka!”

At first arrival, Delphi Greek Cuisine invites with a subtle romantic vibe, comforts with its azure tinted lighting, and seduces with its Greek themed music and succulent aromas wafting from the restaurant’s kitchen. The realization of something special and unique lingers for a while, then is proven by what you discover during your entry inside and the enlightening experience you will enjoy at this culinary establishment.

Delphi Greek

Delphi Greek Cuisine is named after a contemporary Greek town, and has been producing the same delicious and consistent Greek cuisine for the citizens of Los Angeles since 1985. Doubling as a popular catering restaurant, many corporate events have also been privy to the restaurant’s speedy delivery service in the area, which has proven sublime for those ordering large quantities of fully customizable Greek cuisine for their get-togethers and celebrations.

Delphi Greek1

Each meal is started with a presentation of the eatery’s light and fluffy baked bread served in a napkin-lined wicker basket. A cobalt blue glass dish that coordinates with the restaurant’s table candleholders is offered with creamy butter delivered by a friendly server ready to offer a wealth of delicious Greek fare and wines to compliment most any mood you’re in.

Delphi Greek2

Vegetarian Dolmades, Garden Salad & Avgolemono Soup

We began this particular encounter with the establishment’s Vegetarian Dolmades. Having enjoyed both the vegetarian and the meat-filled versions before, these flavorsome tender grape leaves were wrapped around a scrumptious rice, onions, and herb mixture, then were lovingly drizzled with a savory lemon-based sauce and garnished with fresh chopped parsley. The Garden Salad accompanied the dolmades in this first round of culinary tastes and displayed such crisp vegetables as sliced garden tomatoes, crunchy cucumber rounds, bright green bell pepper strips, and colorful red onion. We continued with the Avgolemono Soup, which is my favorite Greek soup in the world! A chicken broth is combined with whipped egg, fluffy seasoned rice and lemon juice, then placed in a serving bowl and topped off with parsley leaves. We highly recommend this soup. I could literally eat it for every meal of the day.

Delphi Greek3

Savory Wines & Delphi Gyro Sandwiches

Ah, the famous gyro sandwich. We’ve indulged in many variations of this Greek sandwich over the last several years. Delphi Greek Cuisine’s simple approach to crafting their gyro sandwiches speaks volumes, while the ingredients convince you of their quality and freshness. Options of beef, chicken or lamb are available, and this menu choice also comes with your choice of a small Garden Salad, chips, or bowl of Avgolemono Soup. We always decide on the lamb preparation, which is tender, succulent with juices bursting from the meat, and always moist and delicious. Sliced tomato, red onion, and of course, a cool and creamy addition of tzatziki sauce are also added to complete this popular Greek selection. Our server recommended a nice Cabernet to compliment our meal.

Delphi Greek4

Delphi Moussaka

When we tasted the Moussaka dish at Delphi Greek Cuisine, we were sold instantly. A melody of layered meat and thinly-sliced eggplant was beautifully compiled with a zesty tomato sauce, fresh regional herbs, and a succulent palatableness that awakened our flavor receptors like a lively Greek celebration. Presented in a tall layer-cake style, this casserole-esque presentation was a hit from beginning to end and was served with steamed vegetables and rice.

A simply foolproof method to a rumbling stomach and an appetite for fine authentic Greek cuisine, Delphi Greek Cuisine truly is a guaranteed go-to establishment just waiting to allure you with its consistently flavorful cuisine, friendly service from the staff, and intimate and cozy ambiance.

  • ESTABLISHMENT / DECOR: The restaurant’s convenient sidewalk entrance entices you inside where the entire dining room is set in a cobalt blue hue. Eclectic items of décor are strategically placed throughout the eatery, while the dining room presents cozy tables, yet ample spaciousness.
  • FOOD / DRINK: Delphi Greek Cuisine produces continually consistent quality fare and wines that keep us returning for more.
  • LOCATION: Delphi Greek Cuisine is located at 1383 Westwood Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA 90024 in the same location since it’s inception in 1985.
  • HOURS: The eatery is open daily, and serves breakfast from 8:30 AM until 11:00 AM. Lunch begins at 11:00 AM then stops at 4:00 PM, when dinner selections are presented until 11:00 PM.
  • SERVICE / STAFF: One of the main items that brings us back to Delphi Greek Cuisine time and time again besides the savory Greek fare and varied selection of items is the service. Always attentive, always smiling and happy to see you, and always friendly.
  • PRICE / VALUE: Reasonable prices for extremely high quality Greek offerings.
  • CORKAGE FEE: $13 per 750mL bottle.
  • PARKING: Street parking is available in front of the establishment as well as along the side streets. We have been lucky enough to actually get a front-of-the-restaurant parking space on several occasions to our satisfaction.
  • PRICING: Our bottle of wine was priced at $35 for the bottle, while the Gyro Sandwiches were offered at $8.99 (including a choice of a side salad, soup, or chips). The Vegetarian Dolmades came in at an acceptable $6.99 for the ample portion that was served, bringing the sensational meaty Moussaka entrée to a fairly-priced $14.99.

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* Menu and prices subject to change without notice.

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