The name signifies the four highlights of the restaurant: breakfast, lunch, dinner and an astounding antipasto bar feature. (Not to mention an adjacent wine bar as well!) Located in downtown Houston, this contemporary Italian eatery shows off it’s offerings amidst bold reds, soft golds, hearty woods of various hues and a cozy elegance all beneath an inviting, dimly lit dining space on the third floor of the Four Seasons Hotel Houston. A late night meal was on tap for the evening. And it was quite a treat for us as we traveled throughout this southern part of the country.

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Chef Maurizio Ferrarese’s Italian heritage and signature dishes at Quattro certainly impress. The proof of that can be tasted from the very beginning of any meal at this culinary escape from the hustle and bustle of the city just a few floors down. Right from the start, we were greeted by a kind and affectionate server, who ushered us to a table of our choosing overlooking the city streets below. My first bite of fluffy flavorful focaccia bread demonstrated warmth, superior texture, and incredible taste. A side of cilantro-pesto dipping sauce was an additional accompaniment to the fine character of the bread itself.


Focaccia Bread With Cilantro Dipping Accompaniment & Glasses Of Flowers Pinot Noir

We began with a choice of Chef Maurizio’s mouthwatering Vitelloe Tonno Tonnato as our appetizer. The composition of tender veal & seared tuna resonated with much favoritism on our part. Having personally not had the pleasure of enjoying veal prepared this way, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. The combination of both the veal and tuna was a pleasant switch on the traditional tuna presentation. The creamy tonnata sauce this dish was artfully topped with was a pureed mayonnaise-based accompaniment possessing divine tuna, olive oil, caper and lemon flavors. Pantelleria capers are considered to be the highest quality of their kind, which were delightful with the anchovies atop this marvelous offering. I appreciated the way in which this starter was served atop a flat piece of rough-edges stone. A very clever presentation idea that exuded a classic appeal to the dish.

Quattro1Vitello e Tonno Tonnato

Known as the meat eater in the family, my husband chose the Filetto Di Manzo, which was a local pasture grass-fed beef tenderloin that was so succulent and filled with memorable flavor, I’m still remembering the three bites I was able to enjoy before my other half scarfed it down himself. The steak was joined by a potato, bacon and leek rosti (a grated potato cake), which delighted the palate and livened all our senses in conjunction with the beautiful beef serving.


Filleto Di Manzo With Potato, Bacon & Leek Rosti

When I eyed the Ossobuco e Polenta on the menu, I immediately ordered that as my main course of the evening. The unique display of veal ossobucco taken off of the bone made for an eye-catching feast for the eyes atop a wooden serving platter positioned proudly beside a small cast iron cauldron containing the remainder of the dish. Inside this kettle steamed such savory items as the ossobuco meat, pungent gorgonzola cheese, earthy black truffle potatoes and vibrantly-colored garden vegetables simmering atop perfectly prepared creamy polenta. The marrow inside the ossobuco bone was meaty and incredibly sinful as I indulged in its hearty and succulent flavor.


Ossobuco e Polenta

For dessert, we enjoyed more wine and something very different…the “Quattro Signature”, which was Pie In A Jar on the evening we visited. Yes…I said PIE-IN-A-JAR! How clever is that? With this selection, a server approached our table with a small mason jar placed on a marble slab. The lid was opened, and we were asked what crust, filling, and toppings we would like. We were in the mood for key lime pie, so we decided on the graham cracker crust, the lime curd filling, and the whipped cream, berries and candied pecans for the toppings.


“Pie In A Jar”

As you can see above, the graham cracker crust was placed in the bottom of the container, then the pie filling. After that came the candied pecans, fresh berries and chilled whipped cream to complete this little sugary concoction. The presentation was entertaining, and made for a beautifully crafted dessert in addition.

Quattro was definitely a high-scorer in our opinion. We enjoyed the romantic ambiance, bold splashes of reds and golds throughout the space, the views of the city three floors below us, the generous service and the scrumptious culinary gifts created in Chef Maurizio’s kitchen.

  • ESTABLISHMENT / DECOR: Vibrant splashes of reds and golds enhance the dining space at Quattro, while a comforting atmosphere and terrific service accompanied the superior culinary experience we took in during our visit.
  • FOOD / DRINK: Savory fare from the first taste of focaccia bread to our last bite of dessert and sip of wine. An extensive wine list was also a nice addition to the menu. Memorable flavors, artistically-crafted dishes, and unique flare all went into Chef Maurizio’s presentations.
  • LOCATION: Quattro is located on the third floor of the Four Seasons Hotel Houston at 1300 Lamar Street in Houston, TX 77010.
  • HOURS: The eatery is open for breakfast Monday through Friday from 6:30 AM until 11:30 AM, while brunch is available on Sundays from 11 AM until 2 PM. Lunch is served daily from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM, and dinner is offered each evening from 5:30 PM until 10 PM. The restaurant is also proud of their antipasti buffet, which is available to experience Monday through Friday from 11 AM until 2 PM. Happy Hour pricing can be taken advantage of in the lounge daily from 4 PM until 8 PM.
  • SERVICE / STAFF: Kind serving staff, excellent attention to detail, and if we needed anything throughout our meal, it was taken care of in a swift, efficient manner without hesitation.
  • PRICE / VALUE: We were not unhappy with the pricing level at Quattro for the quality of the cuisine, service, and ambiance we experienced. We would absolutely return again when in town for another fine meal.
  • CORKAGE FEE: $25 per 750mL bottle
  • PARKING: Valet service is available on the first floor of the Four Seasons Hotel Houston. Available parking garage facilities are also available nearby in town.
  • PRICING: The Vitello e Tonno Tonnato was priced at $18, while the Filleto Di Manzo With Potato, Bacon & Leek Rosti was available for a solid $33. The menu charge for my Ossobuco e Polenta was $30. Our Pie In A Jar dessert proved worthy of its $12 cost, while the glasses of Flowers Pinot Noir came in under $20 per glass.

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* Menu and prices subject to change without notice.


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