CHARLIE PALMER STEAK @ FOUR SEASONS RESORT LAS VEGAS… “Traditional American Steakhouse Favorites On The Vegas Strip!”

Since 1999, Charlie Palmer’s Steakhouse within the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas has been providing new and returning patrons with classic inspired dishes, elegant surroundings, and an unending list of reasons to return again and again. Traditional American fare such as mouthwatering steaks, seafood platters, fresh sashimi presentations, hand-tossed crisp salads, and tender chicken and savory fish offerings enchant diners with flavor, delight and intrigue.

Charlie Palmer

Dramatic deep red upholstered seating creates a visual fantasy against a backdrop of soothing subtle earth tones, a contemporary designed flooring design, and the spacious main dining room enhanced by a black baby grand piano and a live jazz ensemble, which adds to the sophisticated allure of the establishment.

In addition to the main menu, the Cut Of The Week menu fulfilled my cravings for a flavor packed meal in a romantic and cozy environment, which included a starter, two family-style sides, a main course, and a sweet something to polish the presentation off. The menu changes on a weekly basis, and never fails to impress. Our last visit to Charlie Palmer Steak, I delighted in the Cut Of The Week menu, while my husband decided to try something from the main menu…

Charlie Palmer1

A pleasant bread offering was served in an attractive basket, while modern lamps on each table created a dimmed light that gently cascaded across the dinner table. A small silver plate with sweet cream butter was placed beside the cornbread, sourdough and olive breads, and the Cut Of The Week menu tempted me with its very reasonably priced breakdown of savory proposals.

INSIDER’S TIP: The Cut Of The Week menu includes “bottomless wine pairings” with each course, so keep that in mind. I enjoyed several glasses of paired vintages with each course, and couldn’t have been more pleased with the arrangement. The wines were acceptable, and paired nicely with each item.

Charlie Palmer2

 Prosciutto Wrapped Romaine Hearts

The first course I received from the Cut Of The Week menu was the Prosciutto Wrapped Romaine Hearts. Accompanied by marinated white anchovies and a time-honored Caesar dressing, this portion of the menu sequence delivered all the flavors of a salad one could require for a satisfied palate. The marinated white anchovies provided a salty and tangy flavor, while the creamy Caesar dressing coated the delicately wrapped greens. A burst of fresh garden flavor was a lovely addition with the red and yellow cherry tomatoes, while the crunch of crisp croutons atop this colorful creation visually stunned. Paired with a 2011 Italian Ca del’ Sarto Pinot Grigio, this starter of three courses was a pleasing experience.

Charlie Palmer3

Australian Wagyu Strip Steak

My main course was presented in a timely manner along with my husband’s choice of entrees. I was impressed with the  Australian Wagyu Strip Steak. The bone marrow flan was creamy and perfectly seasoned, while the port wine jus sufficiently enhanced the tender beef heightening it to another level of flavor altogether. This dish was served with  a 2010 French Cotes-du-Rhone Grenache Blend that complimented the contents of the dish quite nicely.

Charlie Palmer4

Delta Asparagus With Citrus Marinade & Truffled Potato Pave

Two family-style sides were included in my Cut Of The Week menu. We were presented with decently-sized portions of citrus-marinated asparagus as well as a layered potato pave that was flavorsome and memorable. Enough for two or three at the table, these side options were a savory addition to the tasting menu I selected.

Charlie Palmer5

Grilled Hawaiian Swordfish

My husband elected to try something from the main menu, and chose the Grilled Hawaiian Swordfish entree. This “steak-of-all-fish” was excellently grilled and prepared with a butternut squash risotto, then crowned with a foi gras raviolo. I tried a couple of bites of this beautifully prepared item, and I can understand why my husband tried to shoo me away. The flaky and tender meat of the swordfish combined with bites of the creamy risotto joined by sweet butternut squash and a meaty foi gras raviolo heightened our visual and taste perception as we enjoyed every bite.

Charlie Palmer6

Apple Tart , Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar & Cara Cara Orange Infused Crème Brulee

The restaurant pulled out all the stops for us during dessert. Instead of the printed third course Cut Of The Week Macarpone Carrot Cheese Cake, the kitchen sent out three sinful dessert displays for us to enjoy. The first, an Apple Tart topped with vanilla ice cream that was a delightful contrast to the warm pastry filled with hot sliced apples. An intriguing version of the traditional apple pie, this dessert performed magnificently on the flavor front with the solid natural sweetness of the apples and the simple crisp of the puff pastry surrounding it. Completely different from the Apple Puff Pastry, the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar was savory and amped up with more sinfulness by adding a peanut butter anglais and dulce de leche ice cream. A flavor sensation, that one didn’t last long between the two of us. Finally, the Cara Cara Orange Infused Crème Brulee was a sensational finish to our meal with its full bodied rich texture and consistent orange essence throughout.

We were entertained by the live jazz ensemble during the first part of our dining experience, enchanted by servers and the classic contemporary environment at our semi-private table, delivered to utter happiness and satisfaction with the cuisine prepared and served to us (especially the bottomless wine pairings with the Cut Of The Week menu), and left almost nothing on our plates after indulging in a reasonably-priced and stunning meal inside this casual, yet upscale steakhouse tucked away inside the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas. We hope to return again soon to enjoy another fine meal.

  • ESTABLISHMENT / DECOR: Modern sophistication combines with a classic steakhouse feel. Leather booths, bold pops of red chairs in the main dining room, and a dimly-lit and romantic vibe echo throughout the restaurant.
  • FOOD / DRINK: Fresh-tasting and handmade, we were satisfied with everything we encountered from both the restaurant’s main menu as well as the Cut Of The Week menu (and the extras the kitchen sent out to us!)
  • LOCATION: This particular Charlie Palmer Steak is located inside the Four Seasons Hotel at 3960 Las Vegas Boulevard on the south end of the Strip in Las Vegas, NV 89119.
  • HOURS: Charlie Palmer Steak is open for dinner Monday through Saturday from 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM. The Lounge is available for service Monday through Saturday from 5:30 PM until 12 Midnight.
  • SERVICE / STAFF: An efficient and gracious serving team will cater to your every whim. We experienced full attentive service, and had no problems during our meal.
  • PRICE / VALUE: Prices will vary depending what you’re ordering, of course. However, the Cut Of The Week menus offer a lot for under $50 per person with bottomless wine pairings throughout all three courses. Not a bad deal for a restaurant of this caliber.
  • CORKAGE FEE: Unfortunately,no alcohol is permitted to be brought into the restaurant.
  • PARKING: Valet service is available for your convenience in front of the main entrance to the Four Seasons Hotel.
  • PRICING: The Cut Of The Week Menu with three courses and bottomless wine pairings was $48, while the Grilled Hawaiian Swordfish stood at a solid $38. An additional glass of Chardonnay was $11

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* Menu and prices subject to change without notice.


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