BLVD 16 LOUNGE @ HOTEL PALOMAR… “Updated Happy Hour Menu!”

BLVD 16 Lounge now offers a “Unite Your Bites” feature on their amended Bar Bites list (right). You can create your own combination of bites with the Mini Tasty Burgers, Fish Tacos and Short Rib Sliders. 1 for $3, 2 for $5, and 4 for $10.  What a creative idea!  New to the menu are the Carlsbad Oysters and the Chicken Skewers.  Not in this group of fine delectables any longer are the Buffalo Chicken Wings and the Mini Chop.

INSIDER’S TIP: We were informed that the former “Mini Chop” Bar Bites item from the last menu is still available if you ask your server or bartender!  It’s not printed on the new menu, but they are happy to prepare one for you nevertheless! (You can see photos of most of the Bar Bites in the April 17, 2012 Blog posting on, as well as in this posting below).

Being a Sunday, (a “free corkage” night in the lounge and restaurant), we shared a bottle of wine together that we brought with us and dove right in to the updated BLVD 16 Bar Bites menu.  In our April 17th blog, we experienced the Mini Tasty Burger, the Short Rib Slider, the BLVD 16 Hummus, The Fish Taco, the Herb Fries and the Mini Chop. This time, we had the opportunity to try some new things…and they were incredible! After conversing for a few minutes and each indulging in a glass of vino, we ordered the newly added Carlsbad Oysters for $3 each, the Chicken Skewers plate for $5 and the Daily Flatbread for $7.

Carlsbad Oysters

The Carlsbad Oysters were exquisite. Served on the half shell, and enhanced with a grapefruit “granite” (French for “ice”), these shellfish were refreshing and a delightful celebration of flavor. They were an amiable precursor to the Chicken Skewers we had next.

Chicken Skewers

The Chicken Skewers come four skewers to an order, and for just $5, you won’t believe the amount of food you get when they’re brought to your table.  Produced with a decorative and colorful array of fresh carrots and greens with a container of chilled creamy Bleu Cheese on the side, this dish is sure to please the palate of the spicy-loving patron.

INSIDER’S TIP: The Chicken Skewers were tender and cooked to perfection, but be aware that they are ‘buffaloed” and VERY SPICY! So if you’re an admirer of the spicy side of things, then this appetizer if for you!

I decided to try one of the BLVD 16 “Rush Hour” (4-7PM and again from 10PM – Midnight) Monday through Sundays) well drinks while we waited for our third appetizer for the night. I ordered a Cape Cod and Reubin returned with it in no time.  It was crisp, chillingly exhilarating and thoroughly gratifying.  Serving up $3 wines, $4 beers and $5 wines, the Rush Hour menu has also been updated to suit patrons now TWICE throughout the evening from 4PM – 7PM, then again from 10 PM -Midnight every day! BLVD 16’s ‘Rush Hour’ is now twice as fun! 

BLVD 16 Cape Cod

The Daily Flatbread is a Flatbread delight that the BLVD 16 Chef specially prepares each day.  Our daily preparation was the Chorizo Flatbread.  Crisped to perfection in the BLVD 16 kitchen, and topped with Chorizo, crumbly cheese, halved cherry tomatoes and red onion.  Not only was this item pleasing to the visual and olfactory senses, but it was a real treat for the palate as well.  Just a touch of spiciness. and a heaping amount of delectability!

Daily Flat Bread Presentation – Chorizo

The tomatoes burst with juicy flavor once devoured.  The oven-crisped foundation an excellent source of crunch beneath.  All ingredients played a melodious role in the end result.  

Upon leaving BLVD 16 this time, as we were on our way out of the hotel, I snapped a few photos of the hotel lobby and some other quite unique sights that I feel are worth mentioning. Though SavorHour is a blog about food and wine (and cocktails, too), and not traveling or lodging at this point, I felt it necessary to share some aspects of the Palomar Hotel with our readers being that BLVD 16 is inside such an establishment.  (Who knows where this may lead in the future)!  As I mentioned in our BLVD 16 April 15th post, the Palomar Hotel is known for it’s friendly acceptance and catering to animals.  This, of course, if something my husband and I truly support, as we are animal lovers ourselves.  Below are photos of the “Welcome” sign for pets checking into the hotel,  (I know…how great is that), and additionally, some pictures of the hotel lobby for your visual enjoyment…

Above, the living room area in front of a roaring fireplace in the hotel lobby, the volorful hallway behind the BLVD 16 Lounge, an alternate view of the living room area from another angle in the lobby, the Hotel palomar welcome water bowls for furry guests with their names written on a bone-shaped chalkboard and an old-fashioned bicycle that guests are allowed to take advantage of while at the hotel that’s parked in the lobby! Below, various views of the arched sofa against the red mirrored wall, another view of the fireplace, the stunning intricately-designed wood floors and the hotel’s main entrance.

And don’t forget to stop in on Thursdays from 5PM to 6:30 PM to hear the classic acoustic sounds of Jake & Drew in the lobby. Jake Stone and Drew Nichols came together with a common goal. To play the music they love and to enhance the lives of those who listen to their clear acoustic style. Both talented vocalists and guitarists, Jake and Drew perform every Thursday at the Hotel Palomar on Wilshire Boulevard from 5PM to 6:30 PM. If you haven’t heard of them, remember their name. Because we guarantee that you will be hearing of them soon. Since we were introduced to these two entertainers, we’ve made a point to not miss a single performance. Hearing them for the first time, we were amazed. We expected a lot due to what others had told us about them, but we had no idea what we were in for until we heard them for ourselves.

 Hailing from Missouri, Jake Stone’s strong lead vocals combine well with Oklahoma-born Drew Nichols’ mastery as Lead Guitarist.  Ranging from popular favorites from the 60s to present day popular hits, theirs is a twenty-year combined acoustic talent that forces one to think, urges one to reflect and encourages one to be inspired. Together, their life-enriching, top-notch sound and touching method of delivering happiness to all who listen to their music will leave you spellbound. Performing for scheduled weddings, birthday celebrations and special ocassion events, you can also hear Jake & Drew perform regularly every Thursday at the Hotel Palomar at 10740 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA in the Westwood neighborhood. You can contact Jake & Drew directly at

  • DECOR / ESTABLISHMENT: I think the above pictures speak for themselves, but overall, the decor and the property are colorful, eye-catching, modern and well-maintained.
  • FOOD / DRINK: Refreshing cocktails and scrumptious Bar Bites made with fresh and exciting ingredients are just one of the many reasons we keep coming back!
  • LOCATION: 10740 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90024.
  • HOURS: BLVD 16’s ‘Rush Hour’ is now offered TWICE a night! From 4PM – 7PM, then again from 10:30PM – Midnight and serving up $3 wines, $4 beers and $5 cocktails. The ‘Bar Bites’ menu is available from 4PM – 10:30 PM.
  • SERVICE / STAFF: As always, the staff impresses.  Especially Issac, the BLVD 16 Manager and Reuben, the bartender in the lounge.  They both exude professionalism, kindness, and continuously welcome us back.
  • PRICE / VALUE: You don’t just get what you pay for at BLVD 16…you get more!  Terrific service, inventive dishes in BLVD 16 and constant rapport between staff and customer that does not go unnoticed.
  • CORKAGE FEE: No corkage fee Sundays through Wednesdays in the lounge or restaurant (up to 2 bottles), then $20 per bottle Thursday through Saturday.
  • PARKING: Metered street parking is available, as well as complimentary Valet in the front of the Palomar Hotel entrance.
  • TOTAL BILL$28.51 (Including tax) for four Carlsbad Oysters, an order of the Chicken Skewers, A Daily Flatbread creation, a Cape Cod (on “Rush Hour”), and free corkage  for the bottle of wine we brought in to enjoy.

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* Menu and prices subject to change without notice.

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